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I’m Tara Counterman, Founder & CEO of Profitable Podcast Productions.

My team and I produce amazing podcasts for inspiring entrepreneurs.  We also craft customized launch strategies for anyone who’s ready to grow their reach and expand their impact by starting a podcast.

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Spending too much time editing your podcast yourself?

Wasting too much energy managing all the pieces necessary to make your podcast worth your time?

Tired on not showing up consistently because it's too much for you handle alone?

It doesn't have to be this way!

You need a

...and that's where we come in!

You record.

Record your episode just like always, then hand it over to us. Your job is done!

We edit.

Our experienced team of professionals will handle all of the editing, so you can rest assured each episode sounds amazing.


We promote.

You've got enough going on. Sit back and let us handle your social media content for each episode.

We repurpose.

Why use only one platform? We'll repurpose each episode for IGTV, YouTube, and more!

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  • Are you utilizing keywords in your podcast?
  • Are you a #onlinecoach or #onlinecoursecreator who is worried about or focused on vanity numbers?!
Last time I checked podcast downloads didn’t do anything to your bank account 🤷🏻‍♀️
Setting your show up for that will take you to the bank 🏦🙌🏼🔥🎙
Join a new collaborative community of podcasters who are focused on growing with sales strategy in mind (not just those irrelevant podcast numbers) 👇🏼
  • Best. Moment. Ever.
Traveling to see @liverpoolfc while they were in the US was a top family moment...and always will be. From watching every game @ home to getting to see them in person it was something we will never forget.
Olivia (4) who knows pretty much ever word to You’ll Never Walk Alone made it onto the Jumbotron 😍 #liverpoolfc #liverpool #liverpoollife #liverpoolfcfans #liverpoolfootballclub #ynwa #ynwa❤️
  • 😂Fun fact…
I dropped out of college after my freshman year. 😱
After that I took some online classes a few times because I LOVED learning but…
I wasn’t learning with a purpose. I was learning to prove to someone (who didn’t even matter) that I wasn’t a failure. That I was smart. That I was capable. 🧐
I started my first online business when I was 1️⃣8️⃣. I had some small success in it, but I had always wanted more. 📈
Before my youngest daughter was born I tried again in a different company. That wasn’t the perfect fit for me either. ❌
I felt so deeply that I was meant for success online, and that my success would equal a heck of a lot of peoples lives that were better.
So I tried again, and the third time I found more success than I ever had in the Network Marketing Industry. 😱😱😱
But I also wasn’t completely, 100%, authentically myself. I loved the people, the purpose I put behind it, but at the end of the day I was selling something that didn’t align to who I was at the core. 🆘
And so I kept trying different things on. I kept following my inspiration. I kept investing in myself, my growth, my businesses. I took online courses, I worked with coaches, I read books & listened to podcasts, I taught myself new skills. 🙌🏼
I have been trying to “make it” in online business since 2012.
➡️ I never gave up ⬅️
And because of that I finally found my place. 🎉 I finally found my zone of genius. I stepped into my power. And I am helping women all over the country, reach people all over the world and change their lives. 🎙
It took until 2019 to find my place. 3 different network marketing businesses, 2 other online businesses...
Each step had at least one valuable lesson to get me where I am now. 📓
So let me ask you this, are you hiding and playing small because you STILL feel unsuccessful? 😭
Or are you chasing your dreams, determined to make them happen through action, inspiration & your own version of education? 🎉
  • Instagram is full of jet planes, perfectly posed photos & big fancy trips... What what does success look & feel like for you?Are you going for someone else’s version or your OWN? Have you even defined what your own success is? If not you have homework now.Define your OWN version & go for it unapologetically - then freaking LIVE IT!#onlinecoaches #onlinecoursecreators #limitlessmamaspodcastproduction #onlineentrepreneur #sundaythoughts
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