About the Episode:

Time to face the truth Mama…Perfectionism is NOT helping you to be more in your life. In today’s episode, we are diving in with Business & Mindset Coach Samantha Siffring.

Not only is Samantha a mom of three but she is a huge cheerleader, support giver & an I am going to call you on your BS type of coach! Through her work of coaching over 300 women in both business and mindset, she has learned that perfectionism is something that SO MANY of us struggle with. Today she is sharing why perfectionism is ruining our lives & some incredible tips on how to overcome it.

Buckle up Mama – this is an episode you don’t want to miss!

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Quotes from Samantha:

“There’s all kinds of skeletons that are half out of the closet for me. But I think the point of it all is to just know everybody has something.”

“It’s just surprising like you truly don’t know what other people have been through what they’ve dealt with how they felt even if things from the outside seemed really rosy and perfect. “

“I just want everybody to know everyone has something I’m no story or pain or whatever. “

“So I was consuming coaching from a very young age and was really raised in thinking that coaching was normal like my dad had high level coaches and that kind of stuff. “

” I love this inspired action when it hits you. You just have to take it.”

“So it definitely was squeezing it in wherever there was room and really being conscious of that balance so kind of diving in from there and getting into perfectionism.”

Connect with Samantha:


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