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In today’s episode, we are talking with Marriage Coach for Moms Michelle Purta. Inside the episode we share about self-care, prioritizing your marriage, asking for the things you NEED and SO MANY OTHER THINGS! We even dove into some questions from the community. Michelle & I could have talked for HOURS & she gave away so many golden nuggets! Be sure to grab her freebie that will give you 9 actionable steps to reconnecting in your marriage after kids!

Quotes from Michelle:

I’ve always really liked helping people with their relationships. I’ve always had a knack for identifying where their challenges were.

 I was always the person that my friends would go to for advice like you know go on their rants and then I was always the type to stay pretty objective. I never would tell people what they wanted to hear.

 I started doing that I was like Actually I really like marriage and I really like marriage for moms because once you have kids that just like blows everything out of the water what you thought was easy before it’s like your tired your irritable.

 I teach my clients that you have to have that self care in place otherwise you’re not going to get anywhere with any of your relationships.

 Along the lines of marriage you’re not prioritizing your marriage so you’re allowing your kids to run your life.

Your marriage is the number one relationship that affects your satisfaction with life.

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